Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is the criminal act of using violent, coercive, and intimidating means to hold a person in compelled service, regardless if it is forced labor and/or sex trafficking. Human Trafficking is modern day slavery.

Is this the same thing as smuggling?

No, smuggling is a crime against the border of a country. Human Trafficking is a crime against a person, an individual.

What are the types of Human Trafficking?

There are several types of Human Trafficking:

Does this really happen in Arizona? In Phoenix?

The US Department of State estimates that 14,500-17,500 men, women, and children are tricked into coming to the United States each year for the purpose of being forced into human trafficking – or slavery. As a border state, we know that many of these individuals enter through our Southern border. However, approximately half of ALERT’s human trafficking victims have entered the US on temporary visas (e.g., H1B and H2B), but are tricked, coerced, and intimidated into precarious working and living situations. A number of human trafficking cases have been prosecuted in New York and Florida in which victims first entered or were first victimized in Arizona.

Are all victims from Mexico?

No. In fact, victims of human trafficking have been lured to the United States from Thailand, the Philippines, Peru, Romania, Costa Rica, Mexico, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Cambodia, Honduras, and Russia— just to name a few.



  • Work against will
  • Cannot leave work environment
  • Controlled movements
  • Demonstrate fear and/or anxiety
  • Subject to violence or threats of violence against themselves, their family and/or loved ones
  • No access to medical care
  • Suffer injuries as a result of application of control/coercion tactics
  • Receive little to no payment; no access to any monies earned
  • No time off and work excessively long extended hours
  • Limited or no social interaction; unable to communicate freely

For more detailed information on indicators, please click here. If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, or for more information about the program and services please contact ALERT’s 24/7/365 hotline at 1 (888) 602-5378 or contact us online


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